We Can’t Use This Crisis To Abandon Our Most Complex Learners: Creative Solutions Abound

This originally appeared on NJ Left Behind on April 28,2020.

This post was written by Lindsay Jones ( President and CEO of National Center for Learning Disabilities), Erin Mote ( Executive Director of InnovateEDU), Lauren Morando Rhim ( Executive Director and Co-Founder of the National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools), and Eric Tucker (  Executive Director of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools). It was first published at Fordham’s Flypaper.

COVID-19 has delivered countless challenges for essential workers, from nurses and doctors risking their lives due to shortages of PPE to grocery clerks maintaining calm amid hordes of panicked shoppers.

For educators, running a newly virtual classroom when students and staff are experiencing unspeakable loss and illness among their family and loved ones is impossibly difficult. It is particularly challenging to meet the needs of students with disabilities, given the absence of familiar routine. Yet in these challenging times, it’s critical that we pay heightened attention to serving the most vulnerable among us.