How Immersive Technology Can Expand CTE Options for Students with Disabilities

Updated: May 19, 2020

This article originally appeared on 4/10/20 in EdTech Magazine by Micah Castelo.

Augmented and virtual reality can help students with special needs practice their soft skills and explore a variety of career pathways.

At Danvers Public Schools in Massachusetts, students with special needs are using immersive technology to learn and practice important life skills.

When school psychologists reported that some students felt anxious about visiting new places that came with unfamiliar sensory experiences, the district purchased a 360-degree camera to create virtual tours of various locations — from the district’s middle school to the city’s downtown area.

“This was one way we thought we could help those students practice in advance with some of the places they were going,” shared Jeff Liberman, director of technology and information resources at Danvers Public Schools, in a previous interview with EdTech. Equipped with