Educating All Learners During COVID-19: An Alliance Emerges to Provide Support

Updated: May 19, 2020

This article originally appeared in Getting Smart on April 17, 2020 by Rachelle Dean Poth.

During this time of remote or distance learning, educators have been crowdsourcing and curating resources to assist one another with the sudden shift to school and learning in the virtual space. With so many options in digital tools, teaching methods, websites and more, it can be overwhelming even for educators with experience teaching online or using technology in their classrooms. Beyond the challenge of moving instruction online, we must actively find ways to support all learners. Focusing on accessibility, differentiation, and supporting students with diverse learning needs is critical.

Many times I have been asked where I think we need to focus and my response is always on establishing consistent communication in an accessible space. Creating a space where our students and their families can connect and receive the support they need during this time is something we must all focus on now and always. In a recent post I shared some of the ways that we can do this, with the main goal of working together during this challenging time.

As educators, we have the challenge of sorting through all of the resources at our disposal and deciding how to best prepare for each of our students, to continue providing the ongoing, personalized support that students need and in particular, thos